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Bushnell (V) Velocity Speed Gun, 6-month warranty. Includes belt holder
It comes with a black binocular head with super widefield optics and black single-arm boom stand
Amscope Black - AmScope 7X-45X Simul-Focal Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope Black Head . Does not include a stand, this can be purchased separately.
Amscope 40X-2000X Lab Clinic Trinocular Microscope. Camera optional, not included. The T490 features a unique "simul-focal" optical system with an adjustable trinocular port to enable well-focused clear images on your PC or video screen while simultaneously obtaining sharp, focused images through the eyepieces.

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Quest 2, 128GB storage
Bushnell (V) Velocity Speed Gun, 6 month warranty. Includes cerfied tuning fork with certificate of accuracy
All 3g settings for South African networks pre-configured. Insert your sim and it will auto detect the correct settings. Includes 32gb class 10 sd memory
Superior Design: Tailor engineered to snugly hold the Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset. The cases are designed by industry experts to give maximum protection by holding the device securely and under the least stress during transit;

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Blue Microphones' transformer less Baby Bottle cardioid condenser microphone delivers a rich, accurate mid range response that makes it ideal for recording vocals, drums, and electric guitars, along with more difficult sources like saxophones and horns. It utilizes Blue's famous hand-tuned and tested large-diaphragm capsule and a Class-A discrete circuit to achieve superior detail and clarity. And its unique, vintage-inspired appearance adds a little something extra to your studio presence. The complete Baby Bottle package includes a pop filter, custom spider shock mount, and wooden storage case.
Bushnell (V) Velocity Speed Gun, 6-month warranty. Includes belt holder
Set of 4 cameras. Black Flash, invisible to the human and animal eyes. Link up to 15 cameras in a daisy chain, no wifi or cell required. SAVE OVER R4000 WITH THIS COMBO SET.
The stylish and robust Gelato & Ice Cream Professional from Cuisinart will prepare 1.5 L of delicious homemade ice cream, gelato, sorbet or frozen yoghurt in as little as 40 minutes. There is no need to pre-freeze the bowl due to the machine's built-in professional compressor system.

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