7X-90X Trinocular Stereo Microscope w/LED Dual Lights, HDMI 5MP camera

7X-90X extended zoom magnification using high-quality Greenough stereoscopic objective lenses and a 2X Barlow lens. 30mm-100mm working distance Super widefield optical system offering crystal clear images Includes a 1080p/5MP multi-function camera with built-in recording that can stream live video over HDMI and connect to a computer using wi-fi

7X-90X Trinocular Stereo Microscope w/LED Dual Lights, 5MP HDMI CMOS C-Mount Camera

This is a first-class trinocular stereo zoom microscope with LED cool illumination system. Designed to meet the demands of the modern microscopy applications that are temperature-sensitive, like dissecting live tissues or observing live creatures, this scope exceeds all expectations. It incorporates all the most excellent features of a high quality laboratory instrument. This microscope comes with SUPER widefield optics and versatile LED illumination system that provides both incident (top) cool lighting and transmitted (bottom) cool illumination. You can choose between incident illumination shining down onto the object or transmitted illumination through the frosted stage plate. The first is used for the observation of three-dimensional objects and the second for the inspection of the objects that allow light to get through them.


The stereo optics provide clear, sharp images with excellent focus-depth and a large working-distance. With 0.7X-4.5X zoom objectives, moving through the magnification range is as easy as turning a knob. 10X wide-field eyepieces provide an ample magnification range from 7X to 45X, with high-eyepoint optics to accommodate glasses or goggles.

Ocular Adjustment

Dual ocular diopters can be adjusted to maintain consistent focus, greatly improving productivity. Rotating interpupillary adjusters simplify the process of aligning the eyepieces for each user.

Trinocular Port

The switched trinocular photo-port provides a dedicated mount for a camera. When the photo-port is switched open, all light from the left objective is diverted to the port to provide maximum brightness for the camera to guarantee the best quality images.

Dual-Illumination Stand

The dual-illumination stand provides a turnkey solution for biological and industrial applications. The pillar-based support system offers flexibility with its ability to quickly adjust height and lateral position. The microscope can be easily set and rotated in the mounting collar, and locked in place once adjusted. Large, symmetrical focus knobs provide the precision control needed, with adjustable tension for light or heavy loads as well as comfort.

Overhead and sub-stage LED lighting allows you to work with opaque and translucent objects. The top light is mounted behind the head to provide offset light, and can be tilted for varied effect. This is useful for topological examination, such as with circuit boards and biological cultures. Thin tissue specimens, gemstones, and other translucent materials will benefit from the sub-stage transmitted lighting. A frosted glass stage-plate is provided to diffuse the light for more even back-lighting.


Microscope Head
Head TypeTrinocular, 45° incline, 360° rotatable
Optical SystemGreenough stereoscopic
Interpupillary AdjustmentCompensation-free gemel, 54-76mm
Ocular-port Diameter30mm
Dioptric AdjustmentBoth oculars, ±5dp
Photo Portheight-adjustable 23mm tube, SM series
Objective Lenses0.7X-4.5X zoom
Objective Numerical Aperture0.065 @ 4.5X
0.02 @ 0.7X
Objective Resolution195 lp/mm @ 4.5X
60 lp/mm @ 0.7X
Native Field-of-View (10X Eyepieces)4.4mm-28.6mm
Native Working Distance100mm
Auxiliary (Barlow) Lensnone included
Stand TypePillar stand with integrated top and bottom illumination
Focusing-block Focus Range50mm
Reflected Illumination5W LED
Transmitted Illumination5W LED
Stage Illumination Plate Diameter95mm
Power100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Camera Specifications
Sensor TypeCMOS
Sensor Optical Format1/1.9"
Active Pixels5.04M (2592 x 1944)
Pixel Size2.4µm x 2.4µm
Active Sensor Area6.22mm x 4.67mm
Shutterelectronic rolling shutter
Sensitivity425mV @ 1/30s (f/5.6)
Spectral Response380-650nm with IR-cut filter
Video Preview Resolution (HDMI)1920 x 1080
Video Preview Framerate (HDMI)60fps
Video Capture Resolution1920 x 1080
Video Capture Framerate30fps (SecureDigital)
25fps max (wi-fi)
Internal Video Capture FormatASF
Photo Capture Resolution1920 x 1080
Internal Photo Capture FormatJPG
Recording MediaSecureDigital card
ConnectivityHDMI, wi-fi
Wi-fi Standard802.11n 150Mbps
Compensating Lens0.5X
Power12VDC 1A

Packing List:

  • One trinocular stereo microscope head
  • One photo port
  • 10X eyepiece(s)
  • One pair eye-guards
  • One pillar stand
  • One focusing block
  • One top-light
  • One pair stage clips
  • One glass stage plate
  • One black/white stage plate
  • One power cord
  • One hex wrench
  • One dust cover
  • Availability: In Stock at Supplier
  • Model: SM-2TY-LED-HD25
  • Manufacturer: Amscope

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