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Cybertrek is an online sales, Import and Marketing service based in Midrand, Gauteng and is one of the oldest trading websites in South Africa, established online in January 1997.

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 cybertrek part of research online customer service in 2005 - you read correctly, way back in 2005

So is it safe to buy from us? Short answer:

Indeed it is. We are payfast registered (have to get verified for this) so you can use your credit card (or debit card) safely, at no stage do we get or see any of your credit card information.
If you prefer paying with EFT but are nervous about buying online we will accept a small 20% deposit to start processing your order and the balance you can pay when the item arrives at our Midrand offices.

So is it safe to buy from us? The Longer answer:

Yeah, we get that a lot. People have been asking this on various forums since way back when we first started online in 1997:

lets see, 2008:




and 2010


another 2010


and 2016


(The people at carbonite really didn't like our old website colours :))

and in 2019 this guy below on facebook doesn't like our wall, sigh, dude, we need a wall, I'm sorry but it is what it is, I wish we didn't have to have one, but we do.


But you wont find a single comment or post online saying we don't deliver or scam people or anything really negative (ok some guy gave us a few fake google reviews but he wasn't a client of ours) because we always deliver, usually fast with the occasional delivery hiccup due to customs or courier delays.

So is it safe to buy, yes it is.

We do not have a store but we have an office located in Midrand on a plot. To be exact 43 West road, Midrand South Africa (just put cybertrek in Waze and google maps), and we ship nationally via one of our courier partners. Our address is not dodge as a few moaners have said online, it is a small holding in Midrand. At one stage it offered us peace and tranquility but the area grew, but dodge, come on. We save our end users a fortune by not having to add extra costs to the products associated with renting a store etc. 

We do not have a call center (Telkom lines stolen, Neotel shut down) and prefer email communication to admin@cybertrek.co.za.  Our office contact Telephone number  (Voip) is 0110836040. but we also have a cell number and it is 0742208815. Usually, all emails are answered within an hour during business hours.

We specialize in sourcing unique items from either local agents and importing goods from overseas and marketing them directly to the end user in South Africa, at substantial savings than your regular brick and mortar store.

We import directly mainly from the USA, but we also have agents in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and elsewhere. 

We are not a physical store and we manage to pass huge savings to the end user by not having the expenses associated with your regular brick and mortar store.

Most of our products are imported from overseas and we generally do not keep any stock on hand. Certain products are sourced from local suppliers.

We mainly sell to private individuals and we do ship to companies but currently, we do NOT offer V.A.T invoices.

We can offer wholesale prices on bulk orders.

As most of our items are imported from overseas vendors, and in accordance with the CPA, we offer at least a 6-month warranty on all items


All faulty items must be sent back to us and we handle the warranty repair.

Most of our items are imported directly from various international suppliers and the local agents are under no obligation to offer any warranty or support on items we sell. We do assist with handling and sorting out warranty problems, and if your item is under warranty we handle all the paperwork and customs documents involved in sending the item back to our suppliers.


There is no local Oculus support and all faulty Oculus headsets have to be sent back to Oculus or our overseas supplier for repair/exchange.  All cables are supplied as working out the box and do not have any warranty.
Out of warranty headset and controller repairs can be costly and we will try and assist where we can with this on a case to case basis.


Thank you for reading the above, we look forward to doing business with you.