Solar Panel Charger For Trail Camera

Solar Panel Charger For Trail Camera & Outdoor Security Camera, 12V 1600mA With Built-In 1500mAH Battery, Portable Waterproof Solar Power Panel
  • WEATHERPROOF SOLAR PANEL: WingHome solar panel is designed for weatherproof. No matter where you want to use, the waterproof construction can ensure good working performance.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL 12V DEVICES: This solar panel has a output voltage of 12V. It can be the charger of most trail cameras or home security cameras. The max output current is up to 1600mA. Efficient and fast.
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY: This solar panel has a built-in battery with a high capacity of 1500mAH. When operating in dark conditions, the battery will supply power to the device for continuous operation.
  • DELUXE PANEL SET:  It can be used in most places with the mount kit.
  • Availability: In Stock at Supplier

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