Cuisinart Gelato and Ice Cream Maker, self freezing - Silver (5* highly recommended)

The stylish and robust Gelato & Ice Cream Professional from Cuisinart will prepare 1.5 L of delicious homemade ice cream, gelato, sorbet or frozen yoghurt in as little as 40 minutes. There is no need to pre-freeze the bowl due to the machine's built-in professional compressor system.

There's no substitute for homemade ice cream. Why not try out different flavours or try a vegan or dairy free recipe?

The Ice Cream & Gelato Professional has a built-in compressor that generates its own cooling power. So unlike other machines, there is no need to pre-freeze the bowl overnight.


Make all your favourite ice cream flavours, freeze yoghurtor even make dairy free ice cream.Add toppings such as nuts or raisins or sauces for a ripple effect during churning.

With two specially designed paddles, one for gelato and one for ice cream, it's incredibly easy to create the perfect consistency for your frozen treat time after time. The machine is fully automatic and couldn’t be easier to use: simply add your ingredients, set the digital timer and watch the machine begin creating your favourite dessert. It also allows you to add additional ingredients while it churns, and features a 10-minute keep-cool function after mixing is completed. Its removable bowl, paddles and lid make cleaning easier too.
* Cuisinart ICE100BCU Ice Cream and Gelato Professional, 1.5L Compressor Ice Cream Maker with Gelato and Ice Cream Paddles

  • * 1.5L of delicious, homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt or sorbet in as little as 40 minutes
  • *Professional compressor system means no need to pre-freeze the bowl and no need to wait between batches.
  • *2 mixing paddles, one for ice cream and one for gelato to give your recipe the right amount of air for perfect texture.
  • * Easy to use. Simply add ingredients and switch on. Add extra toppings through the lid whilst mixing.
  • * Unbeatable taste and flavour, made with fresh ingredients. 
  • Availability: In Stock at Supplier
  • Model: ICE100BCU
  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart

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