Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Retro Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Blue Microphones' transformer less Baby Bottle cardioid condenser microphone delivers a rich, accurate mid range response that makes it ideal for recording vocals, drums, and electric guitars, along with more difficult sources like saxophones and horns. It utilizes Blue's famous hand-tuned and tested large-diaphragm capsule and a Class-A discrete circuit to achieve superior detail and clarity. And its unique, vintage-inspired appearance adds a little something extra to your studio presence. The complete Baby Bottle package includes a pop filter, custom spider shock mount, and wooden storage case.


Baby Bottle Cardioid Condenser Mic At a Glance:
  • Detailed midrange recordings with a soft top-end to tame harsh sound sources

  • Ideal for male and female vocals, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic bass, saxophones, flutes, and stringed instruments

  • Hand-tuned and tested large-diaphragm capsule 

  • Transformerless output design

  • Cardioid polar pattern

  • Includes shockmount, pop filter, and case

Vintage Design, Professional Results

Reminiscent of some of the world's finest vintage microphones, the Baby Bottle microphone can cut through the busiest tracks, while maintaining the high-quality, no-compromise audio that you expect from Blue Microphones. The Baby Bottle was designed shortly after Blue's famous Bottle microphone, and--like its predecessor--features a seamless blend of style and sound quality. This starts with a lollipop spherical grille housing Blue's renowned hand-tuned and tested large diaphragm capsule, and extends to include a transformerless output design that delivers accurate sound-source reproduction.

A Distinctive Sonic Signature
Each professional-grade Blue microphone utilizes a unique, proprietary capsule design to capture a specific sonic signature, and the Baby Bottle is no exception--it offers a full midrange response, along with a smooth top-end and neutral bottom-end, which creates an extremely rich, classic yet contemporary sound. This makes the Baby Bottle an ideal choice when you're recording vocals or room mixing for drums or electric guitar amps. It can even handle difficult sources like strings, flutes, saxophones, and brass instruments. In addition, with a unique proprietary circuit polarizing the capsule film at 100 volts, the Baby Bottle yields a large output that makes it the quietest microphone in its class.

Cardioid Polar Pattern and Discrete Electronic Components
Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the Baby Bottle is built to capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic. The capsule and cardioid pattern combine with high-quality electronic components, including a Class-A discrete amplifier circuit, to ensure that each Baby Bottle mic offers consistent, reliable performance. The electronic components in Blue Microphones have been carefully selected, based on 20 years of engineering and experimentation, in order to increase microphone speed, decrease distortion, reduce product variance, and ensure long-term dependability.

Includes Shock Mount, Storage Case
In addition to the mic itself, the Baby Bottle setup includes a custom spider shock mount for controlled use and a pop filter for laying down clean vocals. It also comes with a wooden storage case that matches the mics retro good looks.

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  • Manufacturer: Blue Mic

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