Speed Gun Camera: TruCAM II Speed Enforcement Laser with Video

Boasting a large 9.4 cm trans-reflective LCD screen and other cutting edge features, the TruCAM II is the ultimate traffic and speed enforcement laser with video available on the market.

More than just a speed enforcement laser, you can use the TruCAM II to gather the proof needed for other traffic violations including following too closely, aggressive driving, misuse of HOV lanes, distracted driving, obstructing traffic and seat belt violations.

Our patented DBC (Distance Between Cars) technology measures the time and distance between vehicles giving you the capability to prove following too closely / tailgating violations. Identifying motorcycles or vehicles without front license plates is not a problem when using the rear-plate mode on the TruCAM II.

Built-in detection algorithms combat laser jammers and our tamper-proof secure data encryption gives you the confidence and reliability in the courtroom, a reputation that LTI has built and maintained all over the world. There are currently over 6,000 photo/video lasers manufactured by LTI being used in more than 90 countries today.

Speed Mode – Collect speed measurements and all pertinent data for oncoming or departing vehicles within dense traffic.
Auto Mode – Automatically captures images within a fixed distance, such as school and construction zones.
Rear Plate Mode – Measure the speed and maintain a chain of evidence until the rear license plate is captured.


Maximum Range:

1,200 m

Minimum Range:

Speed Mode: 15.25 m; Weather Mode: 61 m; Auto Mode: 15.25 m

Range Accuracy:

± 15 cm absolute accuracy

Display Resolution:
  • Speed: ± 1 km/h
  • Distance: ± 0.1 m
Speed Range:

0 – 320 km/h approaching and departing

Speed Accuracy:

± 2 km/h

Optimum Camera Operating Range:

30 – 150 m

Optimum Focus Distance:

135 m

Measurement Time:

0.33 sec

Can track a vehicle from 1200m and take a photo when in clear range.

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